Enough Is Enough

America’s Better Half Is Exhausted From The Beatings

By Alan Korwin. May 2018.
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Gun owners, “America’s better half,” people who can safely and sanely wield private power by keeping and bearing arms, are getting close to their limit. Everything points to this. Constant attacks on their rights and human decency, from radical left-wing bigots determined to destroy this fine nation, are approaching a breaking point.

From non-stop Trump Derangement Syndrome where broadcast news is supposed to appear, to legislators proposing tyrannical violations of the Constitution and decency, to a public divide fostered by a left-wing takeover of the education system, America’s better half is not pleased, and this is putting it mildly.

The mugging gun rights and gun owners took after a maniac cracked in a Las Vegas hotel was way over the top. So-called “news” media staffers actually provided veiled support and cover for whatever actually went on there. Months later we had no hard details, no security camera video, real questions unanswered, but the diatribe against guns flowed freely. Congress introduced bills against plastic accessories. “That side” continues to pour blame onto fine, upstanding citizens who keep and bear arms, for heinous copycat acts anywhere, which mimic and are encouraged by Hollyrot.

This is amplified by a debauched culture promoted by television, the government school system and politicians with no understanding of (or disregard for) fundamental American cultural and political values. If it continues there’s going to be irreparable harm. America needs to wake up while there’s still time. .......

Alan reports on just how we have reached a stage where those who keep and bear arms are ever more vilified and approaching a breaking point. With the left constantly attacking rights and the media for the most part assisting through distortion and fake news, we see a path towards irreparable damage unless efforts are made to ensure the preservation of our culture and an armed populace.

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