The Right to Self-Defense is
the Core of Liberty- Here’s Why

Guest Contributor Josh Montgomery. May18th, 2018

“Never Again.” It’s a vague but catchy motto splashing across social media at the end of posts demanding gun control to prevent school shootings. Anti-gun advocates, in mourning, fear, or pure delusion, throw the phrase at legislators and gun owners in their Tweets and on their signs in marches, painting them as villains for having opposing–or even just slightly more nuanced–views outside of their activist echo chamber.

Most recently, David Hogg rekindled the words when he announced the June 5 release of his book, #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line. Hogg is a Parkland survivor and self-perceived overnight gun rights, Constitution, and self-defense expert. In it, he will most likely demand irrational, impossible, ineffective laws by creating the tired false dilemma between those who feel safer with their Everyday-carry option, those who know and exercise their natural rights, and the lives of kids gunned down in spite of laws already in place.

Hopefully, his gaff (besides the use of a hashtag in a book title) was unintentional, but it just goes to show how ignorant the anti-gun cause truly is. His generation is not the first demanding “Never Again,” and it’s not a “new generation” drawing the line, but one that had a chance to study history, see that their slogan is not new, and watch what happens when those words have force behind them. .......

Millenials seem to be the new socialists in many cases and one of these, David Hogg, seems to be set on making a name for himself with his push for more "gun control". Predictably emphasis is placed on infringing on the rights of the majority, the law abiding people, without making many attempts to consider how the criminal element can be dealt with. Guard your rights vigorously, because rarely if ever have they been under such threat.

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