17 Facts That 'Gun Control' Advocates Hate

Infographic provided by George Wauchope at Best Rifle Scopes. May25th, 2018

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17 Facts

Many people in the gun community feel like there has been a recent attack on the Second Amendment.

Most notably, after the Parkland shooting, the mainstream media did not waste any time promoting David Hogg to push their anti-gun narrative.

The problem with their narrative is that they are wrong.

Guns are not the problem, in fact, it's quite the opposite.

This infographic highlights “17 Facts That 'Gun Control' Advocates Hate”.

All the facts and statistics are backed by legitimate sources such as the FBI and ResearchGate.

The founding fathers specifically wrote in the constitution that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

The founding fathers were not ignorant of the potential for governments to become tyrannical, meaning that they made it crystal clear in the constitution. Nevertheless, there are still people arguing that the 2nd Amendment has no place in modern America. .......

Our thanks to George Wauchope for supplying the infographic, which sums up many important factors. Needless to say, the 'gun control' advocates take little note of such facts, preferring to continue with their basic agenda which is to achieve eventually a total gun ban - something of course which would never affect criminals.

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