This Is Where I Came In

By L. Neil Smith. May 26th, 2018. (
Attributed to The Libertarian Enterprise

It's happening again.

And again and again and again.

Goblins and mutants of various descriptions and apparent motivations invade a public school or some other unprotected crowd somewhere, with whatever the politically incorrect Gun-of-the-Month happens to be, killing or wounding pupils, teachers, or others by the dozen.

Immediately (sometimes even before the fact, when the script girl gets her cues wrong), selected mouthpieces begin bleating that certain types of perfectly legal firearms must be outlawed, confiscated, or even that the Second Amendment itself be repealed.

The national "news" media takes up the cry, unimaginatively repeating each other word for word, and individuals like me, writers and activists who thought their struggle was happily over with the passage of Some Law or the election of Some Guy, have to go back to work again. .......

Neil explores some history but in particular looks at factors behind mass murders, which includes the dreaded 'gun-free-zone' open invite to killers. He, like many of us, considers that armed people in schools are part of the solution, even including the school kids themselves if old enough and trained. Sadly these days, unlike the 'old days', kids get little or no education on firearms and self defense. Welcome to "zero tolerance" land.

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