Best Practice to Save Our Students
From Mass Murderers- Part 1

Rob Morse. May 29th, 2018

Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools. We need to know where these murderers come from. We also need to know how to protect our students at school. I'll try to cover that information, and this is the first of those two parts.

Part 1 the source of modern mass murder
Part 2 protecting our schools and churches

1-Stopping Mass Murder at its Source. What is the psychology of mass murder?
Every parent has seen their child act out to get attention. If we deny our children wholesum attention then they will get our attention by other means. Now scale that behavior up to today's young men. We've told our boys that men are bad. If they can't get our approval for their virtues, then some young men will demand our attention with their vices. That is how we've built today's mass murderers. Today's mass media is all too eager to help.

What is the media doing to encourage this behavior?
Again dig back into your memories. We all have memories of that annoying friend or relative that is overly enthusiastic about their young child. A new parent can't stop telling you about what their son or daughter did.

That is how our news media treats mass murderers today. The news media shows us the face and the name of their new favorite murderer. The media can't stop talking about their latest infatuation. Did he kill 8 people or 12? No matter, the media drolls on about their latest celebrity crush. This infatuation has ugly results. .......

This subject is so important that it deserves continued coverage from various angles. Here, Rob Morse gives his own thoughts on what is behind the apparent increase in mass murders and the mindsets behind it - in particular the media's over exposure and infatuation with such events. He lays out some possible solutions that people can get involved with.

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