How To Get Inside the Mind of Someone
Who Wants a Disarmed Population

By Dean Weingarten. May 30th, 2018
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There are a significant number of people in the United States who have chosen to be unarmed, and who want the government to ensure as many others are forcibly disarmed as possible. They are a small, but vocal minority. To most people in the gun culture, this is an alien mindset.

It is worthwhile to understand people on the other side of an argument. The left is routinely attempting to shout down and silence people in the gun culture; one of the strengths of Second Amendment supporters is the willingness to engage with people who want most people in America forcibly disarmed.

There is a simple way to understand how most people who want you unarmed think.

Make the internal assumption, for the sake of understanding them, that you have deliberately chosen to be unarmed. It is not that hard to do. Being armed requires effort. You have to choose to be responsible. You have to practice self-discipline. You practice safety and train. You think about unpleasant possibilities and plan for them. In many states, becoming armed takes considerable legal effort. You have to devote time and money to be armed. .......

The choice to be armed is of course a personal one, but unfortunately there are many who choose not to who also consider that no one else should be armed. They are often not only people who live in a world where nothing bad can ever happen to them, but who also favor strong 'gun control' or even a total ban on all guns. Dean explores the mindset and seeks to find ways to encourage useful and deeper thinking on the matter.

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