'Gun Control' Through Taxation

H.R. 5103: What You Need To Know

By Thomas Johnson. June 5th, 2018

In March of 2018. Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) introduced a new bill called HR 5103 with nine separate co-sponsors. HR 5103 represents the latest bill introduced in Congress in an attempt to further restrict the sales of firearms and ammunition.

But what does HR 5103 do exactly, what are the specifics of the bill, and why does it need to be opposed?

The Purpose of HR 5103

The language of HR 5103 is basically designed to inflict more taxes on firearms and ammunition. Rep. Davis claims that the additional funds earned by the bill, should it become law, can be used to pay for research on what he calls ‘gun violence and its prevention.’

In other words, should the bill become law, you’ll need to pay additional taxes (besides the sales tax) when you go to buy firearms and ammunition. It also increases fees on any firearms that are classified under the National Firearms Act.

Under the terms of the bill, you can expect to pay up to a 50% excise tax on ammo and a 20% excise tax on firearms. .......

The 'excuse' of funds towards "gun violence and its prevention" is a classic ploy in order to further try and limit Second Amendment rights. 'Gun Control' has many faces and this is but one example along with the wish to apply bans on 'evil black rifles' and magazine capacity etc. As usual the long term objective is as ever the intention to eventually eradicate gun ownership altogether, which of course would only ever affect the law abiding.

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