Bill would bring California handgun
restrictions to North Carolina

By Chris Eger. June 6th, 2018

A measure proposed by state House Democrats last week would severely limit the models of pistols allowed to circulate in the Tar Heel State.

The bill, HB 1060, was filed last Thursday by Orange County Democrat Verla Insko and would require the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to first develop a safe handgun roster, then ban sale or possession of any pistol not included on the list. Insko and the bill's seven co-sponsors argue there is a lack of federal design and safety standards on pistols and that California's controversial roster of Handguns Certified for Sale should be a starting point for North Carolina to work with.

Established by California's Unsafe Handgun Act, that state's roster of handguns that meet the state's expansive safety requirements was established in 2001 and is getting gradually smaller. Under state law, new semi-automatic firearms sold in California must have the capability to permanently stamp shell casings fired through the gun with an identifying mark. The concept, known as microstamping, creates a serialized shell casing that could be traced back to the gun that fired it. However, this technology is not in a current production handgun and as a result, California's roster is contracting and is increasingly limited to legacy models. .......

One of the many egregious approaches to 'gun control' is gradually decreasing choices for 'permitted' firearm types - or put another way, progressively reducing the options over time. It is not a far stretch to see that this approach by the NC proposal could open the door to potential confiscations. In the currently increased 'anti-gun' climate the thinking seems to be that this is an ideal time for more controls (and votes from antis), based on "sensible measures". It must be fought vigorously.

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