Playing the Chicago System

'Guns Save Life' Uses Chicago Gun Buyback To
Send Kids To NRA Gun Camp. Again.

By Dennis Laker. June 7th, 2018

Much of the time when it comes to firearm matters we are talking about infringements on the Second Amendment and the non-stop fight to preserve our rights. Perhaps however it is time to enjoy a bit of what might be called dark humor, where we see a kind of win by exploiting the "buyback" system in Chicago. As is pretty obvious, nothing can be 'bought back' that was never owned, but still the absurd misnomer persists. The complete article can be found here but below is a partial quote.

(John Boch. June 03, 2018) Guns Save Life loves Chicago's gun buybacks. Three times in the past dozen years or so, the scrappy Illinois gun rights group has sold rusty junk to Chicago's taxpayers, then used the proceeds to send young people to an NRA summer shooting camp. Saturday, Guns Save Life pulled it off again.

Yes, we took our junk deep into the heart of Rahm's Paradise by the Lake and brought home perfectly good cash cards. Not only that, but a Chicago Police Department sergeant banned me from ever again participating in a gun buyback.

Six years ago, Guns Save Life scored a grand slam at Chicago's then-annual "Don't Kill A Dream, Save A Life" gun "turn-in" event. Not only did GSL bring home over $6,000, but the delicious irony of using a "buyback" to fund kids attending an National Rifle Association camp brought widespread international publicity to GSL. At the same time, it gave Mayor Emmanuel's city-wide gun buyback events a major black eye.

In fact, GSL's success in 2012 ended the program where the city spent upwards of a million dollars it didn't have to "buy back" something the city never owned. What's more, the Mayor and his minions claimed the buybacks rid the community of unwanted guns. Maybe so.

Yesterday, in a scaled back event with Chicago offering $100 per gun -- no questions asked -- GSL returned. While a supervisor refused to accept all eleven of the guns my pregnant bride and I offered to the program, other intrepid GSL members met with more success. All told, we came home with quite a haul. I'm still not done opening all of the envelopes.....

There has to be a perverse satisfaction in playing the system, particularly when funds raised go towards sending young folks to an NRA summer shooting camp! Perhaps there might be a "buyback" in other areas, where junk guns can be turned in for profit to go in some way towards the Second Amendment cause.

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