How to Reduce Your Risk of
Death From Armed Attack

By Jim Cox. June 6th, 2018

These are 11 things one can implement fully and immediately with no permission or agreement from anyone else but are entirely in the control of any individual.

1. Don't commit suicide. This is the most common gun-related death, being about 63% of all firearm deaths in the US.

2. Adopt a policy of not escalating any road rage situations. If someone does something offensive on the highways have it pre-settled in your mind to react by de-escalating the situation (refrain from responding in kind) and back off to allow the heat of the moment to cool.

3. Do not join a gang. Violence is the accepted norm among gang members, resulting in many becoming victims of 'gun violence'.

4. Do not buy or sell illegal drugs. Yes, I do know that it's the drug laws more than the drugs themselves that leads to gun violence among drug buyers and sellers. But, people already on the wrong side of the law are more likely to commit 'gun violence' than the law-abiding population. .......

The term "gun violence" that is used is deprecated, seeing as a gun cannot by itself commit violence unaided! Attack with or homicide by firearm is perhaps a more useful designation. That aside, the article proposes eleven ways to reduce risk and they are in part mostly common sense but worth giving thought to, in particular for those who live the world of tunnel vision. We could also well add an extra specific one - carry your own means of self defense.

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