NC: School Protection Bill Dropped
Because of Election Year

By Dean Weingarten. June 13th, 2018
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Several North Carolina legislators have introduced a common sense solution to increase protection for schools in North Carolina, The bill, HB 1039, also known as the School Self-Defense Act, has been introduced, but has not been voted out of committee. It is in the Committee on Rules, Calender, and Operations of the House.

The premise of the bill is simple. Take responsible members of the school staff who already are permitted to carry concealed weapons in the rest of the community. Require them to obtain training in responding to an active shooter. Allow them to carry concealed in the school, to provide a discreet, immediate armed response to a deadly force situation in the school. From

"HB 1039, School Self-Defense Act, would have allowed this common sense, practical solution to be implemented in North Carolina," said Representative Larry Pittman (R) 82nd District, one of the bill's sponsors. "However, seeking to avoid controversy in an election year, our leadership has chosen not to allow this bill even to be heard in committee. This is a failure to act that I fear may one day cost lives that could have been saved."

House Bill 1039 authorizes some faculty or staff members to carry a handgun onto school grounds "to respond to acts of violence or an imminent threat of violence."

"I believe that there are many teachers who would want to be armed and want to be in a position to protect their children from any kind of a school shooter," said Jean Fitzsimmons, a retired teacher.

Under the bill, the person would need a valid concealed handgun permit and 16 hours of active shooter training. Plus, the school or governing body could opt out.

Polls have revealed about 20% of teachers favor having armed teachers capable of protecting the children in their schools. Many teachers have military and law enforcement experience. .......

"Fear of controversy" -- the reason given for not hearing this important bill just because it's an election year! This is a total cop-out which is better decribed as "we might lose votes", instead of doing essential business. This leads one to assume that nothing at all will be done until late November or beyond, even if the bill actually gets a hearing at all - so much for legislators doing their job.

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