Civilians Stop Mass Murder-
the real news you didn't see

By Rob Morse. June 18th, 2018

I research news stories of civilian self-defense. These important events receive relatively little media coverage. We had some important cases in just the last few weeks. I'll give you the details, but first let me explain why these stories are important to understand.

Timeline - There are about 20 million citizens licensed to carry a concealed weapon in public. Per person, there are more armed civilians in states like Indiana and Alabama than in states like New Jersey and California. On average, an armed civilian is much closer to you than the police. That matters when time is critical.

Violent attacks come as a surprise.

"Bang." What was that? Was it a gunshot?

"Bang." That guy is shooting people. What should I do?

Most people run. Some armed defenders will move toward the gunfire and stop the attacks. That is what good guys do.

If you are a disarmed civilian then you run until you feel safe. Once you've regained your wits a few minutes later, you call the police. The average police response time is twelve and a half minutes from when you make the call. The murderer may shoot at will until he is confronted. The police may, or may not, advance on an armed gunman. On average, there are an additional 12 victims if we wait for the police to arrive.

It is the victims we don't see, the dozen who were saved and who never make the news, that makes these such important stories. Why didn't you know about the dozen people saved? .......

A point to be made yet again is that for the most part the media only reports the aftermath of a mass murder, giving excessive glorification and coverage to the perpetrator. The other side of the coin is where there are cases of an armed civilian stepping in to limit the carnage - but coverage of this is pitifully rare. It is a fact that "when seconds count" is the key to success or failure, with police response times being usually too long to help, whereas the armed civilian can be on the spot and able to act, quickly.

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