Don't Mess With the People of Goochland...

Virginia Mother shoots armed man, 25, who flew 8,500 miles from New Zealand and tried to break into her home because her '14-year-old daughter stopped speaking to him online.'

By Daily Reporters. June 26th, 2018
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A man from New Zealand was shot after he travelled to the home of a 14-year-old girl in Virginia he was reportedly communicating with online.

Troy George Skinner, 25, was shot on Friday after he allegedly smashed a glass door and tried to enter the home in Goochland, Virginia. He is now fighting for his life after being shot in the neck by the girl's mother.

The FBI is investigating the shooting. The Goochland County sheriff said Skinner bought a knife and duct tape after arriving in the U.S. The sheriff also said the girl's mother saw a man trying to enter her home and began banging on the door with a brick.

The mom who was at home with her two daughters at the time warned him several times that she had a gun. Skinner then threw the brick through the glass door and the teenage girl's mother fired twice, hitting Skinner once in the neck.

"All I can say is the manner in which he attempted to enter that home in the face of a firearm pointed at him and the implements we recovered from him - the only inference is that he had very bad intent," Agnew said. "He was not invited here, he was not expected here, he had been told in the past that the daughter no longer wished to communicate with him."

Agnew said Skinner will be charged with breaking and entering with a deadly weapon with the intent to commit a serious crime as he came carrying a knife, duct tape and pepper spray. "This was not random, not spontaneous, this was something very planned," Agnew said.

Skinner flew to Virginia to meet the woman's teenage daughter after the two chatted online using Discord, a chatting service popular among gamers. After three or four months of chatting, the girl tried to end their communication according to Fox8. Skinner then flew from New Zealand to Australia, Australia to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Washington D.C. From Washington, he took a Greyhound bus to Richmond.

Skinner has not yet officially been charged with a crime. It wasn't immediately known if Skinner has an attorney nor which town in New Zealand he is from.

There are a two main lessons here - one of which is that a dangerous attack does not always occur by someone armed with a firearm - many other weapons can be deadly. The other important point to note is that the mother did have a gun and used it successfully to put an end to an attack that could easily have been lethal. As Alan Korwin states, "guns save lives" - and a lot more often than the 'gun control' zealots would ever admit to.

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