Another Year of Campus Carry..Yawn

By Rob Morse. July 5th, 2018
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Yawn. Well, that was dull. We had another year of campus carry, and no one noticed. Yes, another year went by and legally licensed concealed carry holders were armed on post-secondary campuses across the country. We were told that drunk and drugged-up students who had a carry permit would kill each other over parking places. Critics said that faculty would be shot down for teaching unpopular courses. It never happened. It turns out that your shockingly responsible gun owner remains extraordinarily level-headed even when he comes on campus. Who knew?!

Georgia’s campus carry law took effect in July of last year. I checked, and the fresh wave of aggravated murder on campus by licensed concealed carry holders didn’t put an uptick in the budget for emergency medical services. Nothing happened, and newspaper editors across Georgia were shocked.

Kansas started last year as well. Given how flat Kansas is, we were told that the river of blood would overflow the state’s borders. Turns out the rivers never turned red..or even pink. .......

Well, there's a surprise, not. Every time this subject comes up, there are near rabid protestations from the anti-rights groups - "there will be blood spilled!" And yet we see nothing of the sort. To combat 'gun-free-zones' requires responsible carry against the time that an armed attack might be made, and this goes for schools too which are still way behind in 'hardening' their security.

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