Maine and NH Legislators Pressure
Gun Store to Stop Selling Rifles

By Dean Weingarten. July 12th, 2018
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Three Democrat Maine legislators are using their position to demand the biggest gun store in Maine, stop selling rifles the lawmakers disapprove of. Kittery Trading Post has been a successful business since 1938. From

The Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to Kittery Trading Post, asking the store to restrict gun sales and to discontinue sales of what the lawmakers said are assault-style rifles. The letter was written by Deane Rykerson, Lydia Blume, and Patty Hymanson -- who represent York and Kittery -- alongside others from Maine and New Hampshire.

"Your store to us has been a symbol of a good business that is involved in the community and the area in which it does business," said the lawmakers in the letter.

The legislators cite the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, as one reason for the request, and say boycotts and protests are planned if the store does not respond to their letter.

Using legislative positions to force actions that could not be accomplished within the political system is an abuse of political power. The legislators have far more power than ordinary people. .......

Apart from strongly defending the AR-15 platform, this article makes a critically significant point about the media's place in the blame game. They (the media), by repeatedly almost glorifying mass murderers and condeming self loading rifles when utilized, are effectively also encouraging copycat attacks as well as further demonizing the gun and seeking to infringe further on the Second Amendment. JPFO has made numerous protestations about media coverage of mass shootings.

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