Mainstream media complicit in conspiracy
to defraud America (for 'gun control')

By News Editors. July 16th, 2018

The process of causing political change, including overthrowing an existing system of government, by means of subversive actions that create false perceptions supporting the change, is a form of fraud.

(Article by Jack Mullen republished from

Fraud consists of some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him an injury. Black's Law 2nd Edition [author's underline]

Americans are in the dangerous situation where traditional channels for competition in ideas and presentation of facts related to widely reported events have been compromised. We now have, instead, simulations of the former systems of independent and competing sources of information, including facts and 'news;' the simulation has surreptitiously replaced the former 4th estate establishing an institutionalized system of deception and fraud. The honest and concerned reader can verify this by just considering the ownership of mainstream media.

Fact: A thing done; an action performed or an Incident transpiring; an event or circumstance; an actual occurrence. Black's Law 2nd Edition

Fact vs. Truth: The terms "fact" and "truth" are often used in common parlance as synonymous, but as employed in reference to pleading, they are widely different. A fact in pleading is a circumstance, act, event, or incident; a truth is the legal principle, which declares or governs the facts and their operative effect. Black's Law 2nd Edition .......

Continuing our concerns regarding the media and its effects on "news", and gun ownership in particular where it relates to mass murder reporting. Media bias is well established and invariably leans hard left with use of exaggeration, misinformation and disinformation - much often being aimed at the gun owning rights of American citizens.
"The mainstream media in unison is involved in a massive deception and substantive subversion with intent to change the existing form of government and forcibly removing the best weapons of self-protection from Citizens."

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