Pew Poll Shows "Smart" Guns
Could Cost Thousands of Lives

By Dean Weingarten. July 20th, 2018
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Among those who wish a disarmed population, any measure that makes firearms harder to access, possess, and use, is considered a positive thing.

Thus guns with complex electronic circuitry, that only allow certain users, possibly at certain times and certain places, to fire the gun, are being promoted as items that can save lives. From Bloomberg the spark:

Bloomberg follows 21-year-old inventor and entrepreneur Kai Kloepfer, who's created a "smart" handgun that could save thousands of lives.

This is a one sided argument that pointedly ignores the other side of the equation. "Smart" guns can easily cost lives.

According to a Pew poll published in June of 2016, one percent of people who say they have never owned a gun, have used one for defensive purposes. Seventeen percent of current gun owners say they have used a gun for defensive purposes, and nine percent of people who owned guns in the past have used one for defensive purposes, as defined in the Pew poll question.

Pew found 30 percent of adults in the United States admit to owning a gun. Forty-nine % of the remaining 70% say they never owned a gun. .......

We have covered the ''smart'' gun subject numerous times in the past. The same conclusions still apply, whereby the reliance on electronics (which of course requires a battery) can easily lead to failure and potentially lethal results. To the 'gun control' lobby the "smart" gun concept is celebrated almost entirely for the "feelgood" factor - but for the responsible gun owner, it is little more than an expensive potential brick!

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