The 3D Paranoia and Idiocy

By Donald L. Cline. August 1st, 2018

The wave of fear mongering and carnival hucksterism currently sweeping our nation, promulgated by people who should know better and often do know better, about the supposedly devastating consequences to public safety occasioned by '3D Printed Guns,' is astonishing, appalling, and disgusting.

Undetectable by airport screening equipment? Nonsense. If the sub-millimeter array equipment at the TSA screening points can outline human genitals, and they can, then they can detect plastic guns. Also, even if the printed gun itself is undetectable, the bullets cannot be made undetectable. If the weapon is loaded, it is detectable like a searchlight in a tunnel. If bullets are anywhere else in the checked baggage, they are detectable.

Both are rights protected by our Constitution. Neither should be considered a violation or evidence of a crime. Besides, undetectable weapons have been illegal since 1988.

Untraceable? So what? It has probably been fifty years since a violent crime was solved by tracing down a serial number. The only purpose of a serial number is to find out who first bought the weapon from a dealer, and weapons involved in crime rarely, if ever, are in the possession of the person who first bought it. They are stolen, they are rented out by the local mob; they are passed around on the street. The cost of law enforcement firearm tracing is prohibitive, and is usually not completed by the time the perpetrator faces a judge anyway.

Oh, and by the way: It is perfectly legal to manufacture a firearm without a serial number for your own use. It is illegal to sell it, however.

Lastly, what criminal or even terrorist is going to spend $3,000 to $600,000 dollars for a 3D Printer or programmable CNC Mill so he can rip off the local stop-and-rob for a couple hundred bucks? Or even shoot up a school and then off himself to avoid accountability in this world (and face much more serious accountability in the next)?

All this fuss and fury is doing is identifying those poor snowflakes who live in a constant state of panic over the possibility that someone may have the equipment to defend themselves from lethal assault. And their manipulators who constantly crank out menacing hobgoblins with which to fuel their panic, all in the interests of justifying, by democratic vote, the destruction of the individual liberties our nation was founded to preserve and protect.

Donald L. Cline

Watching the news "reporting" on this subject gives cause for even more despair as non-facts are delivered with near total hysteria. Yet again the media goes into emotional melt down as they present misinformation and disinformation without bothering to check on real data - the whole thing has been blown up out of all proportion, and let's remember, ammunition is metallic and so are firing pins and springs. An 'invisible' gun? Yeah right.

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