Colt .45 - Still Going Strong after a Century

By David Stolinsky. August 2nd, 2018
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John Moses Browning was an inventor. Many consider him a genius. He lived from 1855 to 1926, and during his life he was granted 128 patents. His father Jonathan was a friend of a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln, who had been an overnight guest in his home. Jonathan was one of the original Mormon settlers of Utah. They left Missouri and Illinois after bloody pogroms in which their leader, Joseph Smith, was lynched, perhaps in part because of his anti-slavery views. On his arrival in Utah, Jonathan established a gunsmith shop in Ogden.

Perhaps these stories of fleeing from persecution convinced young John Browning of the necessity of weapons for defense against criminals and mobs. At the age of 10, John designed his first, crude rifle. His father Jonathan looked at it and complained, “Can’t you make a better gun than that?” John spent the rest of his life answering this question. His father chose John to take over the business, though John was not the eldest son, observing, “You have a good head, John Moses.” He got that right. .......

David Stolinsky has written an interesting reflection concerning John Browning and in particular the venerable Colt 1911. This has become probably the most copied platform of any hand gun, which is a testament to both the design itself as well as the sustained popularity.

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