Bogus Studies Link CCW To High Homicide Rates

By Vince Warde. Updated August 7th, 2018

VPC again falsely accuses ccw license holders of having a high homicide rate

The truth? ccw license holders are 15 times less likely to commit homicide than the general public.

The Violence Policy Control (VPC) center is at it again. They are accusing CCW license holders of murdering 1,259 people over a ten year period. Here is what everyone should know about the VPC and their "research":

1) In the past, the VPC has been caught counting the same incident multiple times (as many as four times)in order to inflate their stats. They have also been caught counting crimes committed buy people who were carrying firearms illegally, without a license. In short, they are not a trustworthy source.

2) The VPC is using a multiple year figure in order to come up with a raw figure that runs to four digits. In reality - even if the VPC's figures are accurate - we are talking about 130 homicides per year out of an annual yearly homicide figure of more than 15,000 per year in the same time frame. Again, even using the VPCs highly suspect stats, we are talking about 1,259 cases out of over 172,000 homicides during the same period. This means that - in spite of there being 6-16 million license holders - CCW license holders are responsible for less than .73% of America's homicides.

3) We do not have to rely on the VPCs highly questionable stats. The state of Texas keeps detailed statistics on its one million license holders. The VPC ignores these because they do not support their narrative. Looking at 2016 (the latest year for which full data is available) the US national homicide rate was 5.9 per 100k population. The rate of homicides among Texas CHL license holders? 0.4 per 100k population. In other words, according to official government stats, CCW license holders are 15 times less likely to commit homicide than the general public. .......

Yet again, the selective "cherry-picking" of data by anti rights groups is used to fabricate intentionally false figures - and it is these that invariably get fed to the media, which then helps promote the misinformation. The next step often is that other anti rights groups get hold of this and use the distorted facts for their own ends, the truth rarely emerging. It is important that we all endeavor to disseminate the real facts as much as possible to help expose the deceipt.

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