Israel - Green Light for Up to
500,000 New Carry Permits

By Luis Valdes. August 21st, 2018

Israel, a nation about the size of New Jersey and with a similar sized population, has begun to back away from their long-standing gun control policies. The Jewish state is increasingly embracing the idea that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns, while the Garden State moves in the other direction.

As mentioned in our Daily Digest post last night, the restrictions on civilians carrying firearms are being reduced for those who have served in the armed forces. But this doesn't only affect IDF veterans.

Currently, there are 145,000 carry permits in Israel. That's in addition to those who carry as part of their jobs like police, armed security, and military reserve officers. Another 500,000 are now currently being green-lighted.

As reported by The Times of Israel: ......   .......

In the U.S. of course a carry permit should not even be required to excercise a right but despite that there are too many states where even achieving a permit is either difficult or impossible. Over recent years the carry situation has improved in some areas but even so the estimated 17M is still a small proportion of the total population. It would appear that Israel has realized that an armed society is a safer society and goes a long way towards improved security.

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