The Sick Disease That
Murders Our Kids at School

By Rob Morse. August 26th, 2018
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I’m a consumer of news just like you are. After each mass murder, the news media shouts that attacks on our schools and churches are a growing epidemic. “Experts” appear on the news and tell us to turn in our guns to make America safer. Once we read past the headlines, then we can see that the media might not be interested in the truth. We are building mass murderers here in the US, and the news media is complicit in killing our kids.

It is easy to blame guns, but that doesn’t explain why we have mass murder today. Guns were far easier to get 50 years ago. They were also far more common. You could buy a gun at a gas station or at a hardware store back then. Children, even kids in New York City, brought their guns to school,..yet we didn’t see mass murder like we do today. Many public schools even had shooting teams and shooting ranges on campus. The 1960s should have seen the USA buried in dead bodies if guns were the cause of mass murder. That isn’t what we saw. .......

Rob Morse' timing could hardly be better as JPFO will soon be submitting a press release on this very subject. It is important to bring exposure to this - the media being overdue to pay attention and curtail their over expansive coverage of mass murder. For far too long they have seemed to almost revel in extended reporting on these events which does little more than gain them air time or copy while almost glorifying a perpetrator. Change is badly needed.

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