Questionable Data

By Jay Carter. August 28th, 2018

Let me start by saying that any school shooting is one too many, I think we can surely all agree on this.

But if you pay attention to the numbers reported by news media and several anti-gun organizations, you would think that the halls of our schools are dripping with blood every day. For some time I have questioned the number of school shootings that are often reported by our government and, by extension, the media complex in general. This morning my thoughts were confirmed.

Today (Aug. 28, 2018) NPR's Morning Edition aired the story "The School Shootings That Weren't" which details the efforts of NPR and Child Trends to research the accuracy of those numbers. In short, the numbers are horribly misreported for a variety of reasons, chiefly clerical errors. There is also a discrepancy between the "official" numbers and those used by Everytown for Gun Safety, which probably isn't a surprise to most of us. The linked article delves much deeper into the errors and is worth your time to read and share.

In addition, we must insist that the school officials that perform the reporting and the government agencies that use the information get it correct. This is data that is used to affect public policy and to try cramming new gun laws down our throats. The data MUST be accurate and honest.

Once more we see statistics data on firearm matters that appear innacurate and the two articles link referenced go into detail as to how and why. Of course inflated figures, for whatever reason, are manna from heaven for anti gun rights groups who then use them to further their agenda, and sometimes even further inflate if possible. The importance of accurate data reporting is paramount.

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