Who Condemns Celebrity Violence,
and Who Benefits from It?

By Rob Morse. August 31st, 2018
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These places sound too familiar; Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, Santa Fe. Each place saw a murder, but not just any kind. These were mass murders, and the bitter fruit born from our age of celebrity. Kids..and some adults.. murdered to become famous. Our mass media filled the air with the murderer’s face and the murderer’s name. That media coverage lasts for days. That compelling media coverage sure sells a lot of advertising. Unfortunately, that sensationalized coverage does more than make money for the networks. The media exposure rewards the murderer with fame. That fame sows the seeds of the next mass murder. Together, the murderers and the news media are a match made in hell, and their union is killing our kids. Some of us want to stop it before it happens again.

The best time to stop a mass murder is before the attacker enters a church or a school. As bold as that sounds, it has been done many times. We learned that lesson with celebrity suicides where young men and women would kill themselves for the notoriety they receive after their death. We put media guidelines in place to stop it, or at least greatly reduce it. We learned not to give suicides the wave of publicity that caused a cluster of copycat deaths. We almost learned the lesson to deny suicides the notariety they crave..unless they kill some of their classmates before they kill themselves.

We get the mass murders we pay for. Today, each mass murder is followed by a billion dollar advertising campaign that grows the next narcissistic murderer. .......

A continued push towards the D.I.E. approach ("Don't Inspire Evil") whereby it has yet to be seen that the major news networks are taking up this very necessary restraint. If the much needed broad uptake was realized, along with significant hardening of educational establishments, there could be a very significant trend towards a reduction of mass murders.

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