The Armed Teachers Issue - Misrepresented

By Phil Wallace. September 7th, 2018

Apart from 'School Resource Officers' (SROs), who might be made up from ex military or retired police, there is still the contentious question of having armed teachers. Unfortunately there is a persisting myth which seems to suggest that any arming of teachers could be made an actual requirement, which is a false premise and yet it seems to persist. The closest this has got is to see possible 'recommendations' being proposed.

From The Trace :

"The day that I have to carry a gun as a requirement for me to teach, I'm done. I'll find some other way to make use of my education and my background and experience. I didn't get into this because I want 'to teach, protect, and serve' to be my job description."

Paranoid statements like this are based on the assumption that arming teachers might be mandated, which is pretty much jumping to conclusions and not going to happen. Instead this needs approached on the basis of a teacher being armed as being allowable, if a teacher has training and is willing to lawfully carry within the school environment.

There seems to still be a very naive and large proportion of both teachers as well as students who insist that any guns in the learning environment can only be bad, without it seems stopping to consider just what would happen in the event of an armed attack, however thought to be unlikely. "Run-hide-fight' is a popular mantra taught to schools which frankly is at best only a feeble 'feelgood' factor and is most unlikely to ever save lives.

Anti gun groups and the media happily pounce on anything, even if false, that might help their cause and so gain more support from the public - instead of realizing that the time has come to meet fire with fire and 'harden' places of learning such that a mass murder could be mitigated by an available armed response.

By law of averages, and in some states more than others, there is every reason to believe that there are those in the teaching profession who already carry and have training. It is these in particular who are basically suitable and available and should be encouraged to volunteer their potential as guardians of school security, if of course the opportunity can be sanctioned .

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