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By Rob Morse. September 5th, 2018
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I watched a news report that was talking about school safety. Was this story to inform, or were there other purposes? Violence frightens us, so the news audience was less likely to turn to another station. Judge motives for yourself as you read on.

The news report began with carefully crafted misinformation. The reporter quoted someone else’s inflated claims about the number of violent attacks on our schools. Using someone else’s claim relieves the reporter from having to actually know the facts. They simply reported the claims of other people when those claims fit the story the reporter wants to tell. The answers are political rather than factual..and the misinformation stands as truth.

The reporter talked to a state senator who wants to allow school boards and school superintendents to protect students the way they think best. That might be with counselors, or door locks, with School Resource Officers in police uniforms, or with armed school staff.

The reporter talked to a union representative who said teachers shouldn’t be armed, and it isn’t a teachers job to protect their students. The reporter interviewed a superintendent of schools from an urban school district. ‘We will have School Resource Officers, but we won’t arm teachers.’

The reporter doesn’t ask the relevant follow up questions. Did she even know which questions to ask? ... .......

Continuing efforts to explore the issue of arming teachers, we have an exposure of typical misreporting and skillful misinformation, analyzed by Rob Morse.
"A good reporter does more than collect compelling and competing quotes. They should learn the subject well enough to know the questions to ask. In this case they didn't. Too often, they don't."

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