NJ - Anti-Gun Overreach Expanded

New Jersey: Redundant Gun Bill Expands Anti-Gun
Overreach with Committee Amendments

By Scott Bach. September 19th, 2018. Ammoland.com

New Jersey -- On Monday, September 17th, 2018, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee was ready with last-minute, unpublished amendments to A3129 making sweeping additions to the legislation to ban possession of so-called "covert" guns, "undetectable" non-metal guns, 3D printed guns, and other imaginary threats whose manufacture is already illegal in New Jersey without a NJ firearms manufacturer's license.

The changes also ban first-amendment-protected distribution of certain electronic files for 3D printers without a manufacturer's license.

The amended version of the bill was still unavailable on the NJ legislature website at the time this alert was released. The bill's original redundant provisions prohibiting the acquisition of parts to manufacture unserialized firearms without a manufacturer's license remain intact.

The amended legislation focuses on imaginary threats and ignores the fact that criminals pay no attention to firearms regulations and acquire their firearms illegally. .......

It's difficult to determine out of NJ and CA which one is the most anti rights but both are for sure pretty much top of the list nationally. The whole fiasco over 3D printed 'guns' has gotten way out of control considering that such things have been possible long before the current craziness. One thing is certain, misplaced paranoia is well evident while criminal gun usage is under prosecuted, all the while punishing law-abiding citizens more and more.

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