Expected - HI Gov Files For 9th Circuit en banc Ruling

Hawaii Government files for Ninth Circuit en banc Ruling
on Right to Bear Arms (Young v. State of Hawaii)

By Dean Weingarten. September 22nd, 2018
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On 24 July, 2018, a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit upheld the right to bear arms outside the home. As expected, the State of Hawaii waited until the last possible day, then filed a petition for the Ninth Circuit to hear the case en banc, that is, by the whole court.

Because the Ninth Circuit is so large and awkward compared to other circuits, an en banc hearing of the Ninth involves 11 judges chosen at random, out of the 23 or 24 judges (depending on confirmation hearings) on the Ninth Circuit.

In the closely linked case of Peruta, the Ninth Circuit granted an en banc hearing of the case. The process took about 18 months.

In the Peruta case, a request for an en banc hearing was denied in November of 2014. Then a judge on the Ninth Circuit called for an en banc vote anyway... .......

Here we have Hawaii and 9th Circuit, again, plus of course the resistance of HI to issuing permits or licenses (which should not even be required). Despite the seemingly encouraging judgement two months ago by a three judge panel upholding the right to bear arms outside the home - we now see HI predictably looking to get that overturned as they continue to be virtually anti Second Amendment.
(Right now the Kavanaugh debacle seems to continue).

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