The Sham of "May Issue" Continues

Do movie theater security guards need guns?
NJ judges say no

By George Devinny. September 26th, 2018

It might well be stated yet again that a law abiding person should need no 'permit' to carry a firearm, although there can sometimes be restrictions over places where carry is not permitted. Beyond this is the matter of permit issuance, which in the majority of states is based on "shall issue" - basically, an applicant needs only to be verified as being non criminal and with no prejudicial record to qualify. Sometimes training requirements are stipulated.

A few states also have what is commonly described as 'constitutional carry' such as Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas and Vermont - no permitting requirement. Then we have the infamous "may issue" states and New Jersey is one of those - this process might perhaps be described as 'if we feel like it' or just as likely, 'sorry no permit'. This brings up the thorny question of 'need' when an applicant has to show a good reason.

'Need' is conveniently treated by many as subjective, open to definition, and frequently more than likely dependent on the whim of a sheriff or judge as to whether a case is even allowable. From NewJersey 101.5: .......

The denial of rights from anti Second Amendment states is way too prevalent and in too many cases shows little to no sign of improvement - this sadly despite many states that have actually shown signs of better respect of rights - pressure needs maintained to try and level the playing field but it is an uphill battle that all need to follow vigorously.

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