Media Almost Downplays Murder Event, For Once

5 glaring reasons why the Rite Aid mass shooting
disappeared from headlines so quickly

By Matt Agorist. September 26th, 2018

Last Thursday morning, a deranged individual wishing to cause harm to innocent people walked up to her job at a Rite Aid warehouse and began shooting people. Breaking news alerts filled the internet as #Aberdeen trended on Twitter and the internet buzzed with people trying to find out who would do such a thing. However, shortly after the shooter was identified, the news -- unlike most mass shootings -- quickly faded from headlines and fell out of the news cycle.

Snochia Moseley, 26, was the deranged individual who began shooting innocent people at 9:09 am last Thursday. Four people died, including Moseley, according to Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, after she turned the gun on herself.

As is the case after nearly every single shooting in the country -- besides this one -- mainstream media and anti-gun activists alike, parrot themselves into a fury of gun control rhetoric. But that did not happen this time. Why is that?

The Free Thought Project has narrowed down the possible answer to that question with five points we think are important. .......

It has almost become commonplace when there is a mass murder to see the media all over it with excessive high profile reporting and almost glorification. It is that which has led JPFO to set up D.I.E. (Don't inspire Evil) in order to try and counteract the trend which can only serve to attract 'copy cat' followers. This case surprisingly however seems to show some potential factors that allowed the event to quickly fade away with little fanfare - what a contrast.

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