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Defense Distributed Press Conference Video:
Paloma Heindorff takes the Helm

By Dean Weingarten. September 29th, 2018
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At a news conference in Austin, Texas, Paloma Heindorff has announced that she has taken the position of Director now that Cody Wilson has resigned the post amid his legal troubles over alleged sex with a 16-year-old prostitute. The press conference has become global news. Defense Distributed has always been adept at beating the establishment media. They posted the entire new conference online at Youtube the same day. It is worth watching. The video is reasonably short, at 19:37 minutes Youtube has a history of taking down Defense Distributed videos. You can click on the Youtube link to watch it.

I have met Paloma Heindorff a couple of times. Her appearance in the video confirms my evaluation. She is smart, capable, and committed to the principles of protecting First and Second Amendment rights. From the video:

It's the most effective and elegant activism I'd seen performed and I wanted to be a part of that. It's just so beautiful, isn't it, to exercise one's rights like that and to do so in a way that pushes authorities to allow you to. Too often people are perturbed by threats, and I found it incredible that this company persisted. .......

Defense Distributed continues to fight the fight, particularly since the ridiculous paranoia over the 3D printed gun nonsense, which has been in the news for some while now. Perhaps the most absurd situation was when some states tried to ban access to files used for printing plastic 'guns'.

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