Criminal Commonalities

By John Farnam. October 2nd, 2018

On violent criminals/sociopaths, from a friend in the system:

"In interviewing hundreds of violent, convicted felons over a period of several decades, a pattern of dark behavior and attitude becomes obvious:"

1) All view their lives as minute-by-minute. There is seldom any planning, even so far as the following day. They see no point in living, and are fully persuaded that they have no future and thus no fear of imprisonment, nor violent death. They are convinced that they have nothing to lose, and they are right.

2) All are incessant whiners. They use the word 'unfair' constantly when rationalizing their sociopathic behavior.

They never accept personal responsibility, for anything.

They all insist that their 'felon status,' ethnicity, religion, 'disability,' disease, etc forever precludes any chance for conventional success/achievement, so there is no point in trying.

That's always their excuse. .......

A total of seven main descriptions of criminality described can perhaps be regarded as most of the major factors - others might be seen as influencing elements such as lack of family structure and legal/illegal drug use etc. The bottom line is that for the most part the criminal is almost a culture, a way of life, and one which needs understood when it comes to self defense. Life is usually cheap for them and any intended victim, and they will almost always find a way to be armed, however illegal.

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