Showing Lax School Security -
Prosecuted for His Actions

WI: Disorderly Conduct Conviction for Handing
Cardboard with "Gun" Printed on it

By Dean Weingarten. October 8th, 2018
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On 22 February, 2018, a lone masked man, wearing baggy clothing, buzzed for entrance to the Shorewood elementary school. Shorewood is a pricey suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, where many of the local elite from the University of Wisconsin, have their children go to school. It was an hour and a half after classes had started.

The man was buzzed into the school, with no identification, in 2.5 seconds. His face was masked. He walked straight down the school hall and was not challenged or stopped in any way. Classroom doors were open and no one showed concern.

He unmasked as he entered a classroom, and handed the teacher a small piece of cardboard with the word "gun" printed on it. He told the teacher "You let a masked man into your school". He returned to the office and handed the principal, Anu Ebbe, another small piece of cardboard with the word "gun" printed on it, and gave her the same message. Then he left, all before anyone raised any alarm.

Jonathan Fitzgerald was a concerned parent who had been attempting to bring security flaws at the school to the attention of the school administration for months. He was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin.

A few hours later, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Fitzgerald had filmed the incident with his ipad. The ipad was confiscated by the police.

In a criminal complaint from the school, it was alleged staff had followed Fitzgerald, that Fitzgerald had said the word "gun" or "gunman". The staff had not followed Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald had never said the words "gun" or "gunman". .......

It can be seen from the full article that a man's efforts to expose a school's inadequate security was rewarded by being penalized. This should however have been seen as a valuable proof of vulnerability of a classic soft target, as well as showing how a 'gun-free-zone' does little to protect the lives of students. It would appear that priorities were totally ignored.

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