Guns for self-defense
threatened by Bloomberg

By Tim Schmidt. October 4th, 2018

As the November elections approach, Second Amendment supporters must recognize that liberal billionaires like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are heavily investing in the political process to push out of office those who support the Second Amendment. Their goal is to flip vulnerable seats in Congress and state legislatures, and fill them with politicians beholden to their agenda of restricting gun rights and putting limitations on self-defense.

Mr. Bloomberg's organization "Everytown for Gun Safety" is really not about gun safety at all but rather, advancing an anti-Second Amendment agenda. So far, they have committed more than $15 million to advertising and campaigning, and that's likely the tip of the iceberg. The strategy is clear: Prey on the fear that there is a mass shooting around every corner, and nothing can be done to stop it, except eradicating all guns, forever.

In fact, liberal U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, told USA Today point blank recently, "If they don't see us being coordinated and they don't see us having the ability to mobilize voters and donors, they're not going to be that scared."

This is why it is of the utmost importance that those who value and want to protect the Second Amendment participate in the elections this fall to make their voices heard. We can't stand by and allow this assault on our constitutional rights by failing to stand up to those who would take them from us. .......

Many gun owners, usually the more apathetic and complacent ones, think their one little vote is insignificant. That of course is far from the truth and if rights are to be protected it is vital that all consider very carefully just what could be round the corner if Bloomberg's plans are not countered. It's a sad fact that the Constitution, the law of the land, should even be under threat at all.

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