My 'Gun Control'
Unicorn is Named Chet

By Rob Morse. October 14th, 2018
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The fantasy of 'gun-control' is easy. The sales pitch is a politician’s dream. “No one will get shot ever again if we make guns illegal.” That promise sounds great if you don’t know very much. Who wouldn’t want to have world peace and a pet unicorn when all you have to do is mail in two box tops, vote in November, and wait four to six weeks for delivery. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it. What do you need to know to detect the lies inside the 'gun-control' sales pitch?

Now hold onto your seats boys and girls, but criminals don’t obey our laws. Criminals break the law every day. That includes the 23 thousand firearms regulations we already have in the books. I can tell by the look on some of your faces that you’re shocked, but believe me this is true.

You see, criminals can’t go down to the local gun store and pass a background check to buy a gun, so they don’t. Criminals don’t stand around for a ten day waiting period either. Criminals get their guns the same way they get their drugs and the other things they sell. They buy guns and drugs from other criminals in the hundred-billion-dollar-a-year black market. Moving a few pounds of steel is easy when you’re already moving tons of drugs and millions of illegal immigrants. Chet the pet 'gun-control' unicorn isn’t looking so good once you know a few facts and how to put those facts together. .......

'Gun Control' as most logical people know does not make sense and does not work, despite what the anti-rights groups like to promulgate. All it can ever be is a punitive measure towards the law abiding whereby the right of self defense is either diminished or even entirely made ineffective. The winners as ever will always be the criminals.

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