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By Dean Weingarten. October 17th, 2018
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In, Randy Schultz has penned an error filled article which seems aimed at creating a false history of Florida gun legislation. He briefly mentions 1968, when the Florida Constitution was rewritten because of a Supreme Court decision. The 1968 Florida Constitution carried over a protection of the right to keep and bear arms from the 1885 Florida Constitution:

The right of the people to bear arms in defense of themselves and the lawful authority of the State, shall not be infringed, but the Legislature may prescribe the manner in which they may be borne.

Schultz claims that south Florida is not the South. From

We may live in South Florida, but this ain’t the South.

That’s Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ocala, Pensacola and all those parts of the state where the culture and the politics have turned Florida into the “Gunshine State.” If Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties ran the Legislature and elected governors, the state likely wouldn’t have that reputation. But even after the new constitution in 1968 supposedly broke North Florida’s chokehold on power, this state has been the Deep South when it comes to the Second Amendment.

The 1968 Constitution had little effect on the state gun laws. Florida is very much a part of the South. It is understandable why Schultz would ignore Florida gun laws before 1968. They were designed to keep black people disarmed. From ... .......

As so often (too often) historical facts get reported incorrectly - to such an extent sometimes that we see history all but being rewritten. This frequently seems to happen with facts concerning firearm statutes in various states as well as actual incorrect reporting about firearm details - something that needs to be watched for and corrected whenever possible.

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