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Pittsburgh Atrocities Are MURDERS--Not "Shootings"

Don't Inspire Evil:

JPFO says mass media makes multiple ethical mistakes
in coverage of Oct. 27 Pittsburgh synagogue murders

Showing suspect's face all day isn't news, it's awful

Reporters contribute directly to lack of faith
public now has in journalism, JPFO asserts

Loss of confidence and audience size no accident

Countless ethical and substantive errors flood the mass-media reports covering the multiple murders at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. These are being perpetuated by cable news and the major outlets without even a hint of concern or even awareness. The murders, the worst crime possible, are being called "shootings," an imprecise term that coincidentally describes America's second most popular participant sport, which reporters detest and otherwise basically censor.

Raising the issue of so-called "hate crime," which reporters are already doing before motive or any substantive details are known is a gross journalistic error. Worse, it invokes an Orwellian deception with no place in a real report. Murder and assault do not get worse if the perpetrator loved, hated or cared nothing for the victim. Journalists know this, or should. The harm done in an attack is the key to proper justice. Thought crime is the stuff of novels, not a free republic.

In weeks and months to come we can expect corrupt and ethics-free media to turn this suspect's face into another anti-hero icon, as they have done so many times before. Giving an accused mass murderer worldwide notoriety adds nothing to the news cycle, debases our culture, encourages copycats, horrifies news consumers, frightens children, doesn't even sell more papers as it once did and ignores the bedrock principle of innocent until proven guilty. Remember what happened to Richard Jewell. It's time for companies everywhere to adopt JPFO's Don't Inspire Evil initiative and:

"Refrain from gratuitous or repetitious portrayal
of mass murderers' names and images."


P.S. We suspect the "news" will be playing this up for a long time; showing the picture of the suspect until the person is a national icon, you think? If it's life you cherish, note that more than 80 people died on our roads today. And yesterday, and will tomorrow. Media provides a hopelessly distorted sense of reality.

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