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G-d and Guns in the Synagogue

By Daniel Greenfield. November 11th, 2018
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There are two types of synagogues: those that believe in G-d and those that believe in government.

After the mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, the government synagogues turned to the government with calls for gun control. And those that believe in G-d, turned to the Almighty.

And then, trusting in the Almighty to stand with them against danger, they went out and got their guns.

Morning services at the synagogue these days begin and end with guns, with talk of tactical courses, firing ranges and concealed carry permits. “If someone comes to kill you, get up early to kill him first,” the Gemara, the Babylonian Talmud, that massive encyclopedic work codifying Jewish law, advises.

In synagogues across America, the teachers, actuaries and small businessmen rising early for morning prayers are preparing for a mass shooting attack. Every synagogue I have been to lately has members who carry concealed firearms. Members are attending security courses, training to identify, disarm or kill active shooters, while also preparing for the ugly aftermath of another synagogue massacre.

CPR courses. Stop the bleed. Triage.

While one faction of American Jews, the noisesome lefty one, shouts about gun control, the quieter, religious one, is choosing self-defense over gun control, and preparing to face another attack. .......

On 11/7/18 we reported on a significant increase in the uptake of training requests within the Jewish community - almost entirely as a response to the terrible synagogue murders of 10/27/18. Greenfield astutely observes that there are two distinct camps when it comes to Jews and self defense - those who are believers and those who 'worship' government, the latter being the groups who refuse to accept anything that might involve taking up arms as a means of protection. The divide will continue but it does seem for some that sensibility may prevail.


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