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Dealing with Social Stigmatization
of the Second Amendment

(The effort to get companies like FedEx to cut ties with the NRA
is part of an effort to stigmatize the Second Amendment and those
who defend it. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Raysonho))

By Harold Hutchison. 14th November, 2018

The good news on the Second Amendment is that the courts have been shifting in a pro-Second Amendment direction. With the Heller and McDonald rulings, the Supreme Court has formally ruled what we all knew was the truth: The Second Amendment is an individual right. However, the bad news is that there is an ongoing effort to stigmatize that right.

We saw glimpses back in the Clinton years when Eric Holder called for "brainwashing" people against guns. Well, in the years since Holder made that call, that has been going on. In addition, the brainwashers have been leveraging power in corporate America.

In essence, while Second Amendment supporters largely won the legislative battle in the wake of the shooting at Parkland, Florida, the opponents of our right to keep and bear arms made major strides in the stigmatization of the Second Amendment. The companies that pulled out from affinity discounts from the NRA (admittedly, some did so under pressure from the likes of Andrew Cuomo) didn't just represent a discount lost, they represented a successful "othering" of Second Amendment supporters. .......

As ever, so much about the protection of the Second Amendment is education - making sure facts are reported truthfully and mis and dis information is exposed for what it is. The article suggests people support the NRA but does not mention other major pro 2A organizations, which of course should include which seeks to maintain an awareness of anti 2A threats and abuse while trying to educate. Much can be achieved one-on-one with friends and acquaintances to help dispel so many myths and untruths.


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