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Killing You Softly with Words-
Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

By Rob Morse. November 17th, 2018
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A judge in Washington State wants us to lock up our guns. That sounds like it could be a good idea, but facts matter when it comes to self-defense. Most of these untested “gun-safety” ideas actually make things worse rather than better. The goal is to save lives, and it isn’t easy.

One of the reasons we’re blind to the risks of “gun-control” is that we forget that guns save so many lives every day. Armed criminals and firearms accidents make headlines. In contrast, the armed woman who stopped a sexual assault barely makes it into the back of the newspaper. Unless you look for those examples, it is easy to miss that guns save lives.

I’ll give you an example with real numbers before we dive deeper into the judge’s decision. We have about 74 children younger than 14 killed in gun accidents each year. You hate that as much as I do. One “gun safety” proposal could be to scoop up half the guns in the USA. That should save half of the 74 children and give us 37 lives saved. That certainly sounds good.

We also have to consider how many lives the half-confiscation will cost. Honest citizens used a firearm to stop a lethal threat by killing their attacker over 1500 times a year. .......

Firearm safety and storage is down to the responsible gun owner and not something to be mandated by laws. So often restrictions are attempted which claim not to impinge on Second Amendment rights and yet in most cases they are little more than progressive infringements, which over time are effectively just more 'gun control'. Guns in criminal hands can take lives - guns in the hands of law abiding people can save lives - it's a fact.


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