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John Lott On Why Mass Murderers
Go To 'Gun-Free-Zones'

By Tom Knighton. November 21st, 2018

Almost every gun debate hinges on the subject of mass murders. It's almost as if crime is no longer an issue anymore, what with all the focus on these mass killings. In fairness, they're horrific, and they seem to be happening all too often for anyone's comfort.

However, as most gun folks have pointed out in debates, there's a fact that is constantly ignored, and that's how most of these things happen in 'gun-free-zones'.

John Lott, writing at the Chicago Tribune, has some thoughts on why that is... .......

The correlation between mass murders and 'gun-free-zones' appears both consistent as well as predictable. It seems fair to assume that someone intent on mayhem has enough smarts to know that a 'gun-free-zone' is by far the best choice compared with any possibility of armed resistance, even if as so often they finish up martyring themselves. The aim of madmen is a maximum victim count before they are through - but an armed good guy/guys just could mitigate the scale of such an event.


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