How to Fight Corporate 'Gun Control'

By Harold Hutchison. November 26th, 2018

When it comes to gun control, many people think of legislation, political campaigns, and even ballot issues. Lately, though, a new front is opening up in the battle for our Second Amendment rights - and it is primarily in corporate corner offices and boardrooms.

Major corporations are now siding with those who attack our Second Amendment rights. Sounds harsh, but that is the objective reality behind the decisions of a number of companies who cut ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the shooting in Parkland. But it is going beyond that, as well.

Banks are already enacting policies to close accounts used by Federal Firearms License holders. This was started under Operation Choke Point, and even though the government version was shut down, the approach has been seized on by anti-Second Amendment activists funded by Michael Bloomberg, who have pressured Bank of America and Citibank to take action.

The fact is, Bloomberg and others who seek to make the Second Amendment a dead letter have doubled down on the social stigmatization of those who exercise their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. .......

Many consider that the Second Amendment is there to protect the First, as well as the entire constitution - however, corporate entities such as banks and social media in various ways seek to effect their own methods of control against the 2A. Banks are choosing policies aimed at closing FFL accounts and cutting ties with the NRA - then we have social media selectively flouting free speech rights if they see matters relating to gun rights and right leaning talk in general. These trends have to be defeated.


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