'Gun Control' Fails New Jersey

By Rob Morse. November 29th, 2018
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Two thugs chased a 19 year old woman across the street, into a store, and then executed her by shooting her 20 times. She died on a weekday afternoon in broad daylight. She was killed in front of witnesses in Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey. The murder was caught on security cameras. Jersey politicians and the news media told us time and again that this could never happen. We were supposed to be safe since the rigorous gun-control laws in New Jersey have disarmed the criminals. That obviously isn’t true and Jersey politicians and the news media lied to us. In fact, honest law abiding people were disarmed while the criminals still have guns.

Gun control failed again and today, honest people pay with their lives. Have we had enough? .......

Infringement of the Second Amendment continues but is perhaps most evident in some states in particular. Apart from California, New York and Maryland as examples, perhaps the most egregious in many respects seems to be New Jersey where the criminal is generally well armed, and yet the law abiding citizens are all but restricted from their legal right to self defense. "Gun control" does nothing to protect good people.


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