Should We Leave Our Schools
and Churches Unprotected?

By Rob Morse. November 28th, 2018
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No one ignores the mass murder of children. We all have an opinion about how to protect our kids. Let’s also face facts; we would have solved the problem of dead children in our schools and in our churches if the solution were easy. Unfortunately, lots of the opinions we see in social media are little more than shallow reasons to stop thinking about a hard and unpleasant problem. Let’s get past that. Let’s open our ears and work past our rationalizations.

What excuses have you heard people use so they don’t have to think deeply about protecting people they love? What fantasies are people clinging to so that they feel safe in an unsafe world? This isn’t a problem of deep thought, but of shallow words. Here are a few of the obvious examples, and I’d like your help with the rest.

-We don’t need guns in our schools because only the police should defend us.
You mean we need people like the School Resource Officer in Florida who walked away while a murderer was killing kids inside his high school? In other attacks, the murderers waited for the uniformed officer to leave campus or they attacked the uniformed officer first. Why do you think that is a good idea?

-Teachers shouldn’t have guns in school because they are not trained like the police.
You are right; teachers and law enforcement officers are not trained the same. Would it change your mind that armed teacher training programs have higher shooting standards for school staff than for the police? ... .......

The reasons (excuses) given for not having armed teachers in schools and armed church attendees etc are many, and for the most part predictable. Can we say "broken record?" Rob Morse lays out many examples and requests comment input on his page for any he might have missed. When it comes to saving lives, most negative statements are pretty lame and yet if taken further with logical discussion can be usefully and easily exposed.


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