Feel-Good Laws are Getting Us Killed..
and it's our fault

By Rob Morse. December 14th, 2018
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We are responsible for our actions. No one questions my responsibility if I’m negligent and hit you with my car. Are we also responsible for how someone feels? Does it injure you if I fly the US flag? How about if I own a gun or carry that gun in a place you find uncomfortable? We can pass laws that makes us feel better, but what should we do when these comfort-laws hurt people? Whose feelings take priority? It may seem unfair, but let me resort to facts for a minute.

Politicians do anything to win votes. They will pass any law that sounds good and makes us feel better. Politicians lie to us and say they’ve made things better even when they made things worse. That lead to a number of laws we see today. .......

The battle against 'gun-free-zones' continues and the only people in favor are the criminals and the short sighted bureaucrats. Having the open invitation of a 'gun-free-zone' is much like showing a sign that actually invites armed aggression with no possibility of reasonable self defense - the bad guys win every time.


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