The Legal Medical Marijuana Guns Travesty

By George Devinney, Guest Contributor. December 21st, 2018

This is a travesty that has been present as a legal hot potato for some years, and more so now since further states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes (leaving aside for now so called recreational use), due to the federal categorization of anything containing THC (Cannabis) as a Schedule One (an unlawful substance) drug. Because of this continuing designation any user, however state legal, cannot concurrently use and still retain legal firearm ownership. Medical marijuana card spells trouble.

As an ongoing situation it is beyond ridiculous when, as is well proven, medical marijuana has genuine and valuable therapeutic uses for a variety of conditions, including for example pain management in cancer cases, seizures, MS, and more.

Claims have been made that marijuana use is linked to violence (evidence is far from conclusive) - arguably though, and perhaps looking at the other side of the coin, deprivation of this as an effective therapy could even well be in itself seen as a potential precursor to violence due to frustration, suffering and desperation.

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Despite the fact that legal use of marijuana therapeutically can have a possible health downside, so then can a great many common pharmaceuticals. This however is not the point, which is that use for its significant healing attributes is bound to the legal trap which would preclude the individual from his/her gun ownership. Every effort must be made to reverse this anti Second Amendment craziness.


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