New York State Demands Insurance..
for Me but Not for Thee

By Rob Morse. December 21st, 2018
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The New York Senate proposed that gun owners must have liability insurance. Only active duty law enforcement officers are exempt. The political justification was the 500 murders in NY last year. We don’t have statistics from every state, but where we do have reliable data we see that citizens who are licensed to carry a concealed firearms are the most law abiding and non-violent segment of society in the United States. Why are we taxing the people who obey the law to pay for the actions of drug gangs?

Will we have more of these honest gun owners after we tax them, or will we have fewer of them? We know the thugs shooting each other in Buffalo and Binghamton won’t buy this insurance. This proposed law is a tax imposed on a politically disfavored minority in New York State.

What does this law do?

Any gun owner in New York State would have to show that they carried a million dollars of liability insurance before they were allowed to own a gun. Failure to do so would revoke all the gun owner’s permits to own firearms. That prohibition lasts for life. This applies to every person who is listed as a gun owner. The insurance requirement applies to your 18 year old daughter who owns a target rifle. There are no age exemptions in the bill. The law applies to the older woman who inherited her grandmother’s shotgun. .......

it is difficult sometimes to decide between CA, NJ and NY, regarding which state is attempting the most egregious degrees of 'gun control'. This proposal in NY certainly would ramp up their anti-gun agenda by yet another notch and is apparently so broad that even a youngster with a .22 for target shooting and/or a senior with a small handgun for home defense would be mandated to insure (and at what cost). How low can a state stoop so low to feed its appetite for disarming good people while at the same time failing to affect criminals - who of course treat all laws with contempt.


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