The Good News Review
of 2018 for Gun Owners

By Rob Morse. December 28th, 2018
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Our memory is uneven. I looked back at 2018 and found plenty of good news for gun owners. This is where we were.. and a glimpse of where we’re going. Happy New Year to you and yours.


The state house and senate improved gun laws and overrode Ohio Governor Kasich’s veto. The new law reinforced state preemption. It also shifted the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the prosecutor. You are innocent until proven guilty..even in Ohio.

Epidemiologists said that mandatory background checks and firearms purchase prohibitions for minor crimes didn’t reduce homicide or suicide. Gun control is a placebo.

The American College of surgeons said that issuing concealed carry licenses or recognizing constitutional carry does not lead to increased violent crime. Gun control is neither safe, nor effective.

The preliminary report on the murders at the Parkland Florida High School said that school staff should be armed. A public survey at the end of the year said government error is more responsible than a lack of gun control for the massacre at a Florida high school.


The first school board in Pennsylvania voted to allow some trained staff to be armed at school.

Gearfire Payments joined McMillan Merchant Solutions to process credit card transactions for gun stores.

Concealed carry permits in Washington, DC increased 14 fold in the first year of shall issue.....

Maybe not all was bad news for gun owners in 2018 even if there remains much to be done as always, such as fighting the 'red flag' laws and the bump stock ban as just two very important examples. However, with the new year looming there is likely to be a lot of extra pressure as the left takes up a house majority and no doubt will be trying everything they can to interfere with Second Amendment rights as well as rights in general. Stay alert, aware and motivated.


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