Turning Any 2A Victory Into Defeat

By Tanya Metaksa. Jan 26, 2022

Anti-Second Amendment politicians in New York again are desperate to pass laws against their constituents’ rights in anticipation of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

That decision is expected before June. As Jonathan Turley, a distinguished Constitutional Scholar, wrote:

“New York has not had a great history with the Court recently on gun control cases. New York politicians triggered a long fight over a law that many of us viewed as unconstitutional – pledging publicly to take the law limiting the transportation of guns to the Supreme Court. Once the Supreme Court accepted the case, however, the same politicians changed the law to avoid a final review of the constitutionality.”

In 2019 SCOTUS accepted New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York. This case was about the NY City’s ban on transporting a licensed, locked, and unloaded handgun owned by a city resident to a home or shooting range outside city limits. As Turley mentioned New York State law was made slightly less restricted in 2019 in an attempt to forestall the Court from creating new pro-gun case law. In December 2020 I wrote: .....

The potential for subterfuge continues and even with an eventual successful result from SCOTUS, the rabid anti 2A plotters will continue to try everything to sabotage people's innate rights.


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