One More Time: It's Not 'Gun
Violence' It's Gang Violence

By John Boch. January 29, 2022

Every time you hear a politician or a media personality mention "gun violence," you should mentally translate that phrase to "gang violence." Not only that, but ask yourself if that politician or media outlet has an agenda by mislabeling gang violence as something entirely different.

Obviously politicians who have enabled the "criminal justice reforms" that have directly resulted in the out-of-control increases in violent crime across America don't want to talk about criminals and gangs. In fact, California's Gov. Newsom even went so far as to actually apologize for using the word "gang" when describing the organized groups of criminals who commit crimes (otherwise known as 'gangs').

Rather than correctly identify those who commit the majority of violent crimes in this country, countless failed and inept politicians like the Land of Lincoln's Governor J.B. Pritzker and Murder City, USA's Mayor Lori Lightfoot instead blame law-abiding gun owners.

They continue to promote more gun control laws and more government spending to redirect peoples' attention away from the failures of their feckless policies and misplaced spending priorities.

As for the media, there's a reason the great majority of Americans don't trust them any more. .....

Here's a commentary reminder that yet again 'gun violence' is the most absurd and inaccurate label, as has often been mentioned, but the general media likes to use it as it casts a better stain on guns in general. Needless to say, 'the gun'' itself does not produce violence or crime - it is a tool of those intent on harm.


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